ROCK STAR SUSHI BAR is fully certified by the Japanese government and serves traditional sushi Moriawase.

Moriawase is a commonly used Japanese term in sushi restaurants meaning"entrusting the chef". 

Due to the nature of our highly recommended and multi awarded Moriawase menu, we may not be able to accommodate your dietary needs.

Please be sure to contact us prior to making your online booking with any dietary restrictions to avoid any booking fees. 

Our chefs start in the early morning each day taking the utmost pride and care in preparation for your arrival, to provide the most intimate and authentic dining experience at ROCK STAR SUSHI BAR. 


We hope our guests can appreciate this by respecting our booking times and policies.


Serving times may vary slightly depending on circumstances.


Contents of Moriawase may vary depending on the fish market situation and season.


Our Moriawase menu is a combination sushi, sashimi and maki rolls making use of the best quality fish and shellfish on that day as chosen by the chef and serving with best construction of taste.


ROCK STAR SUSHI BAR look forward to offering a memorable experience.




is our


Our Head Chef & Owner Igor Salgado, Brazilian from Santos, he has his roots in Japan and 笠戸丸, Kasato Maru was the ship that in 1908, carried the first group of Japanese immigrants bound to the agreement between Brazil and Japan.

The Kasato Maru ship was originally a Russian named Kazan which was used as a hospital ship during the Russo-Japanese War .

At the end of the war, went to the Japanese as war indemnity or captured. Was adapted for passenger ship and transported the soldiers who had fought in Manchuria back to Japan.

The trip began at the port of Kobe and ended 52 days later, the Port of Santos on June 18 , 1908. Came from 165 families (781 people) .